MikroTik SXT LTE6 Unboxing

It’s not a brand new model or the fastest thing in the world. However it is cheap, outdoor rated, pole mountable and with great range and reliability.

The SXT LTE6 is a good solution for rural areas. The unit contains an antenna which helps reduce cost and improve signal. With the modem in the same unit as the antenna the signal loss you would normally get with an antenna cable run to an internal modem does not occur.

Today we are unboxing the MikroTik SXT LTE6, which will soon be living out life helping to providing internet access at a rural garden center in Sweden!

The SXT LTE6 was well packaged in the standard MikroTik style easy to open and recycle cardboard box.
In the top of the box there is a thin booklet with instructions and regulatory information as well as a thin protective foam layer.
From the top of the box we can see the main unit. The SXT LTE6 is a MikroTik SXT R with a category 6 LTE modem fitted. We can see the pole mount adapter and the power adapter on the right.
The contents of the box excluding the power adapter. The pole mount adapter is to be used with the included clamp as pictured. There is also a POE injector which works with the included power supply. It supports 802.3af/at for POE in.
The back of the device. The device is seen on its side here. You can see some LEDs that indicate the LTE signal level, the pole adapter mount point and the rear cover.
Inside the rear cover. eth1 on the left is the POE in port, and eth2 on the right supports passive POE out. You can also see tiny reset button and a micro-SIM card slot.

That’s it for this time!