MacroTik 1.65

Today a new version of MacroTik is available with the following changes:

  • Reworked information view with different alignment and the last update time is displayed differently
  • Fixed a bug for people that historically used v1.58 and earlier where SSL is incorrectly shown as disabled when using the REST API
  • Added support for reporting data from /system/health for capable devices in a new optional “Health” section
  • Added new graphs of disk and memory usage in the new health section

The new health section is enabled by default, however it is possible to go into MacroTik settings and disable them if you wish.

On the left hand side various metrics may be available, which include power and temperature information but may also include things such as fan speed depending on the device.

Note that various devices do not support any such data, including at least the Chateau LTE12. The icons change appearance and colour depending on state.

On the right hand size RAM and disk metrics are shown. MacroTik chooses a sensible units value automatically and generates a chart.

Grab the latest version from our MacroTik page!