Google Coral USB Accelerator Unboxing

Google Coral products are built for running small AI tasks locally. They are very efficient at these tasks and can totally destroy CPUs and GPUs in terms of efficiency. They also happen to currently be in short supply, however somehow we managed to obtain one, so here we go with an unboxing of the Coral USB Accelerator.

The Coral arrived in a small cardboard box that is easy to recycle.
The underside of the box.
Upon opening in the top of the box there is an information booklet.
Under the booklet is the device and a cable. The device itself has a USB-C port and is supplied with a USB-C to USB-A cable. It is capable of operating at USB 3.0 device speeds.
The device has an aluminum panel on one side, presumably as a heat sink.
There is a hole in each corner of the device, so you can easily attach it to something.
On the rear of the device it is semi-transparent so you can see the back of the PCB.

Our application for this is going to be Frigate NVR for image detection, however we would really like to get our hands on some more for tinkering with, hopefully the stock situation will resolve soon!