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MacroTik 1.65

(1/23/2023) Posted in: MacroTik

Today a new version of MacroTik is available with the following changes:

  • Reworked information view with different alignment and the last update time is displayed differently
  • Fixed a bug for people that historically used v1.58 and earlier where SSL is incorrectly shown as disabled when using the REST API
  • Added support for reporting data from /system/health for capable devices in a new optional “Health” section
  • Added new graphs of disk and memory usage in the new health section

The new health section is enabled by default, however it is possible to go into MacroTik settings and disable them if you wish.

On the left hand side various metrics may be available, which include power and temperature information but may also include things such as fan speed depending on the device.

Note that various devices do not support any such data, including at least the Chateau LTE12. The icons change appearance and colour depending on state.

On the right hand size RAM and disk metrics are shown. MacroTik chooses a sensible units value automatically and generates a chart.

Grab the latest version from our MacroTik page!

MikroTik Chateau AX 5G Unboxing

(1/23/2023) Posted in: MikroTik

After a long, long wait for our order a MikroTik Chateau AX 5G turned up in the post today! This is MikroTiks flagship combination router/access point/LTE modem and features improvements over former models including Wifi 6, 5G, multi-gig ethernet and other improved specs across the board.

Anyway, here are the pictures you came here for…

The device arrived in a standard cardboard box from our local distributor in Sweden – easy to open and fully recyclable.
After opening the box we find a small instructions and regulatory information book, with a small piece of protective plastic covering the device as well as the EU power adapter.
A better view of the open box from above.
The full contents of the box minus instructions and packing material. The Chateau AX 5G ships with two of them connected and the other two are supplied in plastic pouches for you to fit. There is also a small black Ethernet cable in the box.
A close up of the front of the Chateau AX 5G.
There is a warning label over the power ports that antenna should be connected before the device is powered on. What happens if they are not connected?
The rear of the device. We can see the Ethernet ports including the new single 2.5 gigabit port on the back, the USB port, reset and mode buttons as well as the antenna connectors. The SIM card slot is on the bottom of the device.

We hope you enjoyed the unboxing of the Chateau AX 5g. Another MacroTik release is just around the corner so stay tuned!

MacroTik 1.64

(1/16/2023) Posted in: MacroTik

MacroTik 1.64 Beta is here!

This release contains a new settings tab for interface settings to let you control the size of the rows in the sidebar which can now be re-configured between small, medium and large sizes depending on your preference:

Small sidebar
Medium sidebar
Large sidebar

More information about MacroTik can be found on its web page here, where you can also download the latest version.